Osechi/New years boxes

It’s half November and time again to start looking to the end of the year. We will be selling osechi/ new years boxes again. This tradition started 7 years ago when a I still was an English teacher and the younger students were complaining about the osechi food from their grandparents. They only liked a few things, they told me. I thought why not make an osechi box with “Western” food.
We started only with 10 that year, but the year after we got more “pro”.
Now, we have a 2 level box with 18 of the best dishes from Bondiya, beautifully decorated and delicious. In the box are, for example, Matsuzaka beef, duck, smoked chicken, porc fillet, scallops, lax, tartar and many other delicious items. One box serves 4 people and can be kept (refridgerated) until the 2nd of January.
The boxes are for sale for 14.000 yen and have to be ordered before December 10th. The boxes can be picked up from 16:30 on December 31st until 22:00.
Here are a few pictures from last year.

Rakugo with Katsura Sunshine

We are proud to announce our first ever entertainment night at Bondiya with no one less than Katsura Sunshine. He will be performing a Rakugo show in English on Sunday night, December 2nd from 20:00. Rakugo is a 400-year-old tradition of storytelling and Sunshine is doing it in English, so foreigners and people who are interested in English can’t miss this oppertunity. The show will last for about an hour and after that there is time for drinks and meeting sunshine.
The show will be in the upstairs room in Bondiya, so not to many people can come (max 30), so please let us know if you are coming and with how many, so we can reserve a place for you. Please reserve on this website at reservations, or call 0596-366667.
The show will cost 2000 yen and includes 1 drink.
The room will be open from 19:30.
If you can’t make it but want to see Sunshine in his own theatre or want to get more information, check out his website.

Mustard soup

This month we have a traditional Dutch soup on the lunch menu. Mustard soup. A few people might think, “mustard” soup??? That’s too spicy, or people confuse it with karashi. But this mustard soup (made of “Zaanse” mustard) is a creamy, hearty soup where you can taste mustard but doesn’t sting your tongue. This soup is included in the starter plate from the lunch menu. After the starter plate you can choose between 3 dishes as your main. 1 Dutch mince and mash from the oven, 2 steamed fish wit herb butter and 3 is a bagel with marinated salmon. Check the previous post (in Japanese) for pictures.
The lunch menu is 1150 yen and for 200 yen extra you’ll get coffee and ice-cream.
Lunch is daily (except Saturday and Wednesday) from 11:30 until 13:30.
The mustard soup is also on the dinner menu (soup of the month) in a big cup for 590 yen.


As you might have noticed, we haven’t posted many new posts recently. I guess we finished too late and didn’t have the energy to write. But the last few days we have a bit more time.
We are open now for just over 3 months and we got pretty much used to our new life and the new Bondiya. The staff knows everything as well so Eriko and I can take it a little easier (but still we are working a lot).
The big difference with the old Bondiya is that we have an upstairs room which we can open when busy or people can have private parties there. The biggest so far was 29 people. This means that downstairs we can keep operating normal. This means more people can fit in but also more preparation work to do. The cycle of using fresh vegetables and fish goes so fast. I have to go shopping before and after lunch. I like that very much, everything fresh every day.
From next week we are going to have a few special items on the blackboard. Also, the osechi and bonenkai season has started and on top of that my parents are coming from tomorrow. Busy times ahead but looking forward to that.
We hope to see you soon at Bondiya.